Facsimile Signatures



Facsimile defined in Websterís Dictionary states: A copy of anything made, either so as to be deceptive or so as to give every part and detail of the original; an exact copy or likeness.

Jordan facsimile signatures are everywhere, they can be easily found on almost anything Michael endorses. The list goes a mile long Wheaties,Nike,Gatorade, McDonalds, Hanes, BallPark Franks, Coke, all the way down to bubble gum. Ever taken notice at the package? I always had the habit of looking to see what new facsimile signature was on the box. All of these products are no longer on the shelves, and everyone has basically forgotten what style signature was actually used for reproduction. Yes, originals of these facsimiles do exist, but these are "one of a kind" treasures scripted in Michaelís own hand to be used as a "template" for being reproduced onto his many products that he endorses. Most of these originals have never surfaced and probably made its way into the trash bins after the master copies were made, or are in the private hands of the people directly in charge of the actual reproduction process.

I decided to add this section on Jordan facsimile signatures to my website due to the importance of "misrepresentation" in regards to internet auctions. While routinely surfing the internet to see "whatís new" in the auction world, I have seen on numerous occasions sellers stating "authentic signed" items that were indeed facsimile signed pieces. Granted, not all sellers are out to "misrepresent" auction items to their unexpected buyers, and regardless of what the situation maybe; whether itís unintentional or out of malicious intent, the buyer is the one that is ultimately affected. So in order to aid the situation on the lack of  basic knowledge or genuine resources, I decided to list illustrations for you to review and evaluate genuine examples of the once forgotten "MJ facsimile signatures"

When I first noticed this, My initial thought was that it was an actual signed page. What really puzzled me was the Jordan signature which had all of the characteristics of a 85-86 style signature. My question was "why was that style signature on a 1989-90 page?" So I did some research and just as I thought, this was a "facsimile" signed item.
closeup of the Jordan signature
1992 McDonalds Dream Team Jordan Cup with facsimile signature
Closeup side by side comparisons demonstrating that other that the "dotted I" (that was easily removed when they produced the cups) both signatures are "identical" meaning exact same stroke pattern.
Close up of the facsimile autograph taken from a Hoops magazine. This style which doesn't seem that appealing due to the "off balanced M" and the "abrupt cutoff" of the "J"
1982-83 Facsimile UNC Team photo. I have seen multiples of this photo as well as ones from the championship season (1981-82) have been mistaken in the past as "authentic team signed photos" which is very convincing even under closeup evaluation.
Close up of the Jordan signature
Close up of the Sam Perkins signature. By taking close notice of the way the "P" is abruptly cut off by the white border, clearly demonstrating that this is not "authentically signed" An authentic signed photo the stroke of the "P" would run over onto the white border.
Same abrupt cutoff of the "T" in the Brad Daugherty signature
Authentic actual hand signed 1983-84 Team photo by Michael Jordan circa 1984
Another authentic 1983-84 UNC Team photo signed by Michael Jordan. Notice how the signature runs over onto the white border. Both are incredible pieces. circa 1984
Here's a ball that I came across on an auction site. Seller states "authentic signed Michael Jordan basketball" I don't know exactly how it was done but by speculating I can only assume that it was either "stenciled" on or copied over with a black fiber tip pen where the actual facsimile signature use to be. Either case, "not hand signed"
Identical signature taken from a Michael Jordan's 23 Cafe sign
Facsimile imprinted Michael Jordan's Restaurant Basketball. Be careful! these are being listed as "handsigned"
Same "exact" signature on a Wilson ad.
Facsimile Signature from a Hanes Ad
Computer generated image bearing the "identical" signature
The Sporting News with "photoshopped" facsimile signature. I cannot stress the importance to "Know your facsimile examples!"
Example #3
This 8x10 photo which was originally obtained through the Air Jordan Flight Club was listed in an internet auction as an "authentic signed photo"
This poster was also listed on an internet auction site as "hand signed" both were mass produced items