Over the years Michael Jordan's autograph has been one of the most sought after signatures within the collecting world. Due to the extreme high demand for his signature, he is also one of the most forged. In the early 1990s UDA decided to try and solve this problem by offering a genuine Jordan autograph to the collecting community for a premium price. Hence, giving the novice collector the opportunity to obtain the "real" thing without any doubts on authenticity. Over time, the collecting world has taken on the myth "If it isn't UDA it isn't real. But what about before UDA? Michael Jordan started his professional career in 1984 and signed many items for the fans that were lucky enough to meet him in person. Does this mean that all of the autographs "PRE-UDA" are not real? Try telling that to someone who waited in hotel lobby for many hours at a time, that their autograph does not appear to be "genuine". This is why I decided to write this illustrated article, giving everyone first hand knowledge on what I call "JORDAN 101"

So listen carefully people, because "CLASS IS IN SESSION"

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I have been collecting and studying Michael's signature for 15 years. I waited on many occasions at hotels where the Bulls stayed during road trips for as long as 10 hours waiting for "MJ" to appear. I then graduated to attending various charity functions where Michael participated in. Over the years I have noticed that Michael's autograph has changed dramatically over his illustrious career. By experience, I am able to identify these changes and able to place them during a certain time frame (years) that it was possibly signed. I have categorized his signature as 1. Pre NBA  2. Vintage Rookie 3. Mid 1980's style 4. 1990s (Pre UDA)  5.UDA style (1992-2003)

I have also noticed that Michael Jordan signs differently depending on "Who, What and Where" he is at. Meaning that Jordan's "FAN" Autograph would appear different that if he, for example: Special situations=Important donated items to specific charity events, legal documents, friends of the family, or any other people of importance. I have also noticed that his signature has different variations depending on the situation.  Meaning that:  1. He was in a non-signing mood (normally after a game that they lost) "one is very lucky even to get him to sign" 2. Being the only one around to ask for his autograph. 3."Rushed style due to many fans hording around him.  Each different scenario can play a huge factor on the quality of his autograph.

In this website I will also cover Jordan's "autopen" signature demonstrating closeup examples of his "mechanically" generated autograph.  On the contrary,  I will not go into too much detail on forgeries which are plentiful on the secondary market.

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Ever since I can remember, I had this burning passion (or should we refer to it as an "obsession") To unearth the most perfect signature. Notice that I refer to "signature" and not an "autograph" In my terminology "Jordan Autograph" refers to the "fan style" signature or what I call the "M" (scribble) "J" (scribble), which is found everywhere. Finding a vintage Jordan full signature is like finding a perfect and flawless diamond, because these signatures are very rare, so rare that I would take months of sifting through Ebay's hordes Jordan autograph material along with the fake garbage that is circulating on the secondary market only to maybe find one unique item. Unlike other sports athletes, Jordan has an extremely flashy (most important "readable") signature. His signature such resembles the grace and flair that is charismatic of his style of play.

Ok, enough with my thoughts.. let's get to the illustrations.

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